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The 44 Farms Angus Strong® program is about providing relevant genetics to cattle producers to assist them to be successful. We know our genetics work. We know they produce premiums and profits for producers. These genetics can help build a strong foundation for prosperous businesses for our customers.

The 44 Farms Angus Strong® program is designed to provide a well-balanced genetic profile. Strong maternal characteristics are essential. It starts with cattle that are reproductively healthy, fertile and efficient. Then, calving ease must follow. Our cattle are bred to produce females that are good-uddered and efficient milk producers. Finally, only functional, phenotypically attractive and nurturing cows make this cowherd.

Herd Sires

Don't just buy genetics,

Invest in a Performance Program

The 44 Farms Angus Strong® program is backed by an outstanding herd sire lineup. These top sires provide balanced genetic profiles, performance and carcass results, giving producers confidence no matter the conditions.